By | September 28, 2017

Today, there was a release of a new long-awaited update with new winter locations. Also, the sizes of the chests were enlarged and old zombies were recycled under new winter locations.

More information on the 1.6.0 update, see below:

Northern Locations

  • We made access to northern locations simpler. Reach Watchtower to unlock them.
  • Warm clothes and campfire will help you not to freeze during you trip.

Warm Meetings

  • Even cold couldn’t stop the virus from spreading. New enemies that have already adapted to the weather conditions are waiting for you.
  • If you track and catch a fox, you can use its fur.

Resources and Recipes

  • In new locations there will be resources that can be obtained with iron tools.
  • Play attention to changes in the recipes of Generatror,Storage and other items.

Home, Sweet Home

  • We added metal walls and changed the required amount of resources for building other walls.
  • When Trip Wire Trap gets activated, you will receive an attack notification on your device.
  • We changed the number of slots ib chests and the inventory size. Now it will be much easier to put everything in order.

Balance Change

  • Not all game variables are decided once and forever. Today we have changed the time of access to bunker again (now you have two days), so that you could change coupons and get rewards ore often.

Also, specially for this update, the developers released a video showing all the main features:

Download update

Hacked mod

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