By | August 21, 2017
Last Day on Earth: Survival on Android

Today, August 20, released a new update for the exciting game of survival Last Day on Earth. The current version of the game for today You can download it here.

What’s new in version

  • Costs for passing the second floor have decreased.

Many players regularly complained to developers and the difficulties in passing the second floor, so the author of the game decided to go to the players for the meeting and reduce costs.

  • Increased dropouts for Chopper

Another compromise from the developers. Units still managed to collect Chopper, and the rest were less fortunate. Therefore, in patch, this task will become a bit more accessible.

  • New type of bauxite

With the help of a new element, you can extract such an important and rare metal as aluminum

  • A new type of fuel – Charcoal

You want fuel for your machines – then burn the logs or boards in the fire.

  • In the drawings, an iron ax and an iron pick are added

The extraction of these elements is not too expensive, but the damage is very high

  • Decreased weapons

And at the end, another news, in the next update there will be new characters – Meet the Raiders!


Update (video)

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