By | August 6, 2017

Friends! Today, a new update is available for Last Day on Earth, an update under version 1.5.3. What exactly has changed and what innovations have been adopted – we will report in this article.

Last Day on Earth 1.5.3

  • As you know, the game is now in beta testing, so developers have a great opportunity to change the elements, appearance and interface of the game. In update 1.5.3, the developer paid special attention to the walls of the buildings, or rather solved the situation with the breaking of the walls. Previously, to get through even the most simple wall, you had to use the C-4, but now this situation will change. All you need to overcome any obstacle in the form of a wall, is a sharp hammer and your perseverance. Try to overcome this obstacle and you will surely find something of value for yourself.
  • According to numerous requests from players, developers have finally optimized the bunker. Now passage will be much more convenient and easy.
  • Also, the game store was redesigned, and the assortment increased significantly. For the convenience of players, all goods and services were divided into categories. Now the player will be much easier to navigate and find something for themselves.


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