By | August 26, 2017

New features and changes in the Last Day on Earth 1.5.6

  • Bunker. We Have drestically changed bunker Alfa! Welcome to a new floor – Lobby.
  • Now you can get to other bunker floors using an elevator situated in the Lobby.
  • Lobby is available to everyone no matter how powerful the device is! However, lower floors are still open to those whose devices comply with the recommeded system requirements.
  • At killed bunker inhabitants, in boxes and “red” locations you can find special Coupons. Use lobby terminals to change them in order to get the best items in the game!
  • 24 hours for mopping up the bunker weren’t enought? We have increased the code time and now the bunker will be available for passing for 3 days.
  • You don’t need resources anymore to fix the generator between the floors. By calling the elevator you can instantly go to any of the available floors.
  • Tired of too many enemies in bunker halls? Zombies have scattered in the rooms so now it’s much easier to pass bunker floors.

Attention! Due to a lot of changes in the bumker you will have to start completing it again from the start. That’s a required measure as otherwise you would have to wait for 3 days till its update.

  • Minigun. We keep on working on Last Day on Earth being realistic and today Minigun got some changes. Now it will spin up before shooting, get warm and inflictmore damage!

Minigun 2.0 video demonstration:

Update 1.5.6! Bunker Alfa New Lobby Floor:

Download new update


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