By | August 27, 2017
Second floor on bunker Alpha

Another update of the game Last Day on Earth 1.5.6. The developers have tried to improve and simplify the game in some aspects. Most of the changes occurred in the bunker “Alpha”. In the bunker there is now a Lobby through which you can get to other floors. The time of being in the bunker has also changed, it has increased.

The weapons were also changed. The minigun became more powerful. There were coupons that will open the final boxes. You can find them in many places, it’s not so difficult. Last Day on Earth was a little simplified, as there were many complaints about the fact that the game became more difficult. For more details on the 1.5.6 update, see the video or here.

Video about the update 1.5.6:

Update 1.5.6 Last Day on Earth Survial:

Coupons on Last Day on Earth Survial 1.5.6:

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