By | April 6, 2018

Sensation, in the update 1.8 for Last Day on Earth, developers have added a new mode that will change the gameplay and make the game even more exciting. We mean adding multiplayer. The new mode of which the players have long dreamed of finally will be launched with the release of the update 1.8 but in particular.

To test the multiplayer mode, the developers added a new location called “Accumulation of anomalies”. Very intriguing place. “Accumulation of anomalies” is an abandoned place, where apart from anomalies of various kinds, nothing can be found. To get on the new map you need to pass the wall of Sector 7. Powerful iron doors must be repaired initially. To do this, you will need a lot of electronics and other details, it will not be easy to do, but trust it worth it. Important! A little later, the developers promised to lower the requirements for unlocking the gate, but first, they will test the load on the server, taking into account the activity of players in the new location.

Passing the wall of Sector 7 you will find something unique and very unusual, something masterpiece – a special protective suit and power armor. As you understand the new location is a completely deserted place, a place where ordinary survivors do not live, so a protective suit is extremely necessary otherwise you can get infected. Only thanks to the costume you can start learning a new location.

Well, now about multiplayer. The new mode will operate only in the new location (in the future, developers will add new places). As you understand to explore a new location, you will not be alone, so for sure you can meet another survivor, notice it will be easy on the costume. If you want to chat with a new friend, there are no problems. Thanks to the built-in radio module of power armor you can type a text message and send it to the chat.

Power armor is not just beautiful words, it’s something new and not standard. The developers have specially created power armor, a place where completely new gameplay of the game operates. Important! Once you have finished exploring a new mission and can collect the biomatter, you will receive a temporary gain, which is issued in the terminal of sector 7. Good luck to all.

2 Replies to “Last Day on Earth 1.8. Introduced the mode of multiplayer”

  1. Tino Tang

    Me and My friend tried This game and we wanted to play In the same game but we realized me we needed to complete sector 7 witch was a ways to go. I then noticed that in the friend section there was a group option that said coming soon. It would be amazing and I think more people would play It you make a party at the start of the game with your friends and play together grinding and sharing equipment together.

  2. Chey

    I agree I think we should be able to play with people in our clan without passing sector 7


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