By | August 12, 2017
updated last day on earth 1.5.4

Updates Last Day on Earth 1.5.4 came out on August 12 and has brought us a lot of interesting possibilities ranging from new weapons and ending with the opening of the second floor of the bunker “Alfa”.

A full list of new features in the Last Day on Earth 1.5.4

  • The second floor of the alpha bunker is open to all comers. To get into it you can go down all on the same elevator. In the new location, you are waiting for even more trouble, but the reward will be even steeper. So you can find new traps there, as well as valuable resources including drawings and items.
  • The bunker Alfa was optimized for the very popular Ipone 5, now the owners of this device will be able to enjoy the game quietly and without nerves.
  • The game has a zip gun, which can be easily opened in the blueprints, which greatly facilitates the game in the early stages.
  • Now you can modify your weapon. The game has the ability to wear mufflers, which will quietly destroy zombies, install calibrated or laser sights, and extended magazine. At this stage, while you can not modify weapons yourself. But soon the developers will add this feature. Now you can find the following changed weapons: Glock, AK-47 and M16.
  • Aluminum appeared in the game. With this material you can create and build various types of engineering structures and weapons.
  • The blueprints “Gunsmith Bench” was updated, now it’s even easier to assemble it. Now, to build it, you will need:
    • 15 pine planks.
    • 25 iron bar.
    • 20 rubber parts.
    • 10 aluminum bar.
    • 20 nails.

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  1. Alan

    Cannot connect to Server 2 after 1.5.4 update on my iPhone 5S.
    I selected Server 2 but it shows I am in Server 1 after “Restore” progress.
    I am afraid that I lost my game save which in Server 2…


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