By | July 28, 2017
last day earth update 1.5.2

Meet the second update of Last Day on Earth for the day, now it’s version 1.5.2. In a new patch, developers will add more loot. Will update the boxes of weapons in the dealer, and also reduce the toxicity of spitting from radioactive zombies.

What innovations were introduced in Last Day on Earth 1.5.2?

  • Bunkers. In order to make your search for the code to bunker Alfa simpler, we have added one more way toget it. Keep your eyes open in the most dangerous locations and you’ll make it. Even if it is difficult, you are always welcome to our official Facebook Page or in our special topic. Other survivors will be happy to give you a clue on the desired combination.
  • Dealer. The Dealer got drastically changed. Now he swaps weapon crates with different content for your stuff. Hurry up to make a nice deal! Last time it was obviously too dirty.
  • Zombies. Decrease level of dirtying done by Toxic Spitter’s split.
  • Technical solutions. Every update makes the game better so that you could enjoy every momentin the world of Last Day on Earth. With this version we fixed a couple of old bugs and enhanced the performance.
  • New character in the game – Healer! Recently on the official Facebook page appeared an art, where several characters were depicted. We now know one of them – it will be a healer who will give you useful potions.

Healer in the middle

3D model Healer

3D model Healer

Healer in the game

Healer in the game Last day on Earth

Download the updated game you can here



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