By | July 27, 2017
Last Day on Earth Update

Meet the new mini-update of the game, which was developed in order to fix small bugs, and also brought a number of long-awaited innovations.

What innovations were introduced in Last Day on Earth 1.5.1?

  • The bunker “Alpha” was restarted. Now, by visiting it you can find even more spare parts for transport.
  • On each floor of the bunkers an automatic turret with a full ammunition set is installed, be careful!
  • A new kind of unfriendly and extremely dangerous zombies.
  • In the game appeared heavy firearms
  • Again, some items that did not perform any functions were turned into garbage.

Download the updated game you can here

A selection of screenshots of the new update

new zombie in 1.5.1

The new dangerous zombie looks like this

Automatic turret in the bunker

Automatic turret in the bunker alfa

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