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Hi everyone,

Many players have difficulty with the destruction of the turret in the Alpha Bunker. So how do you kill 2 turrets and remain unscathed? Today, we will answer this question, and also show the video, so that you 100% understand how to do it.

Enjoy watching:

Destruction of the first turret:

Carefully approach the door in the direction of the turret in the sitting position. As soon as the indicator appears with the HP turret you need to start shooting.

But if you try to go further, then the turret will open fire. Therefore, be careful and work on the lead!

Destruction of the second turret:

We sit down and in this position we sneak into the corner on the left of the door. Further, just as gently move down until the indicator of the turret appears. When moving from the left corner down a few times you an electric shock, but without it or does not pass. As soon as the CP turret indicator starts shooting

Note: If you do not know the actual code to the bunker, specially for you to create “this post”, which is updated daily password.

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    1. SomeRainbowR

      Do not quote me on this, but I read only ak, vss and M16 can reach it


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