Often, players are asking in the chat the same questions, so we must answer on them all the time. To avoid such a situation, we decided to create this article. On this page, you will find answers to the most popular and most exciting players questions about the popular game of survival Last Day on Earth.

Top 10 questions on Last Day on Earth:

  • Will there be a wipe?

This is one of the most popular issues at the moment. While no one knows for sure whether a wipe will be. But at the moment you can save some of your progress in the game Last Day on Earth. If all this is not possible, and the server will be reset, then your purchases will definitely not go anywhere. What then to do with cheaters? The answer is already in the next question.

  • What will happen to the cheaters?

We are promised to punish such players. No matter how much effort and money you put in, you will be found and punished. And here nothing will help you. You will not be helped even by hacking the game, as with each update there will be more and more problems. You will be punished for cheating.

  • When will be online, clans and multiplayer?

Everybody is waiting very much online. Of course, you want to play with your friends and show your skills in the game Last Day on Earth. Developers are working on multiplayer. They try to run online as soon as possible. So far, nothing is ready, so we expect further. Soon everything will be!

  • Where did the plane go?

It has not disappeared anywhere. The plane in the game is still. Just at the initial stage, it often appeared to help you gain experience in survival. Further, you become more experienced, and therefore the game is complicated by the fact that the plane falls not so often. So look for a fallen plane and suitcases that fall out of it.

  • Will there be quests?

All this will happen, but in a different way. This will certainly not be the case with everyone. Now it has not yet been decided how it will look like.

  • Will it be possible to repair clothes and weapons?

Of course it will be, it is already there. For this, there is a drawings. Repair any clothing and weapons, that is all you need.

  • Will there be new animals? Can they be tamed?

Everything is possible. But so far there is no point in this. This is just a beta version. So we expect, but much later than everything else.

  • The storyline in the game will be?

No, it will not. Your main goal will be survival in this post-apocalyptic world. Try it, survive, it may someday be useful in the real world ?

  • When will be the craft of the chopper, all-terrain vehicle, bow, firearms, steel shavings, oak boards, new floors?

It will be all, but later. Something will be before, but something later. If it is added to the craft, it means it will. There will be much more. We are waiting!

  • Why can not bunker be opened on weak devices?

Developers first do everything on more powerful devices, because the technology does not stand still. Later they also optimize game for weak devices. All do at once is very hard. Therefore, while must wait, when we can open the bunker, and who really can not wait, you can try to play through emulators.