Last Day on Earth is a modern online RPG with a post-apocalyptic world, where as a result of virus leakage 80% of the inhabitants became zombies. The game has a very thoughtful gameplay and great opportunities in terms of crafting and pumping its character. At the beginning of the game, you must eliminate all the zombies in your location, extract all possible resources and begin building your own shelter where you will store artifacts and items. The first location where you appear is assigned to you and in the future, from it, you will make outings to the global map.

Last Day on Earth: Survival on Android

The Last Day on Earth game has very rapidly gained popularity, both on Android and on IOS systems. Thanks to the convenient, constantly changing gameplay, it just can not bore, gamer wants to come back and explore new bases and military bunkers.

Download Last Day on Earth Survival latest version:

For a month, the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times, which means that it has something to catch the player. In addition to dozens of zombie species, you can hunt for all kinds of livestock, join clans, collect new types of weapons, build businesses, create farms and grow vegetables, defend themselves against the great waves of a zombie who every 24 hours “visit” your base.