By | October 13, 2017

Hello, survivors! The “Ask the developer” section has arrived. There were many interesting questions and answers from developers about a game.

  • Do you consider the possibility of adding birds?

Yes, we thought about birds. But these are not mobs, which can be killed, but rather an indicator of the presence of you or your enemies.

  • Will there be a garage for a chopper and a helipad?

There will be a garage for transportation, but the rest will see.

  • Multiplayer will be in the form of a cooperative? Can we raid the bunker with friends?

Of course. The developers said it from the beginning?

  • Why is the game very dependent from the chopper? Why is it so hard to get?

As in real conditions, the availability of transport opens more opportunities and gives advantages over others players. Yes, it’s difficult to get a chopper, but when you assemble it – it will not go anywhere.

  • Will there be a flamethrower in the game?

The concept is already there, probably tomorrow you will see it

  • Will it be possible to commit suicide in desperate situations?

There are no such situations, this contradicts the concept of survival.
Fight till the end!

  • Do you plan to further improve the zombie response?

Yes, for example, they will react to noise. So far, we have made all zombies deaf, but in time we will return their sensitivity to the intended level.

  • Will it be possible to change coupons?

No, it will not be possible.

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