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Entrance and the top floor of the bunker.

When you first time will be near the bunker, you will see a corpse at the entrance. Search it, and get the key card, which will open the bunker. Unlike the Bravo bunker, there are no zombies on the upper level, so you can safely pick up everything valuable. It is worth noting that the loot here is not being restored, and therefore, to come back here again and to spend energy there is no sense.

Lower floors

To access the lower levels, you need a unique code that changes every three days. After entering, an elevator appears, with which you will go down. Your entire result, including killed zombies and found loot, persists for three days, after which everything is reset. After rebooting, you must obtain a new access code. All enemies will be reborn, and the loot you found will reappear in the bunker.

Alpha bunker code

The code is entered on the computer terminal on the top floor. It can be obtained in the following ways:

  • CB Radio. An exclamation point icon will appear on it, which means that you have access to a new code.
  • Dead Soldier – This corpse can be found in the resource areas, it is shown on the mini-map in the form of a red X. After the body is examined, a dialog box appears with the code. Loot can not be taken from the corpse.
  • See code in this article


Each sublevel includes many unique things that are not yet available in other locations. This is a zombie with unique characteristics, turrets, and rare items found in lockers/chests and rooms.

Enemies: Unlike their colleagues outside the bunker, some of the zombies on the lower floors have unique characteristics. In particular, they do not use special attacks; In addition, they can attack groups, if one of them noticed you.

  • Tramp
  • Fast zombies
  • Toxic tacitus (100 health)
  • The fat man
  • Toxic fat man
  • The Furious Giant (2 types)

Turret: An automatic turret that attacks a player once in range. It has 250 health, an attack radius of 360 degrees and an approach range comparable to Glock 17. Turrets do not attack zombies.

Boil blood: Indicated on the mini-map in red. It reduces your movement speed to 11 (requires verification). In addition, in the corridors with hands protruding from the walls, your character can receive additional damage.

Gas leakage from pipes: In some areas, the pipes are damaged and gas escapes from them, which causes damage very quickly. Depending on the location, some pipes can be turned off with a valve, or the gas can appear at regular intervals, allowing it to be bypassed.

Door controlled by the terminal: These doors can only be opened when accessing a remote computer terminal.

Laser trap: after you pass these lasers, a group of zombies closest to you will know your location and immediately attack you.

Generator: Provides power for access to additional floors. To activate the generator, it will need to be repaired with certain elements (see below). Once the generator is repaired, an elevator will appear on the next floors.

Gas chamber: this is a room that is completely filled with toxic gas. Here you will receive continuous damage, so be sure to use a gas mask.

Passage of the lower floor 1 – Lobby

The most notable feature of this floor is the terminals with coupons. Talons can be found on the corpses of defeated enemies and from boxes/lockers in the bunker. In addition, there is little chance of finding them in red areas outside the bunker.

Service Terminal: For each box from this terminal, you need to pay 20 coupons. Each can include food, weapons, objects, medicine, resources or simple protective clothing.

Terminal for Survival: Requires 25 coupons. Each survival kit may contain weapons, vehicle parts, medicines, expensive supplies, military clothing or gasoline.

Terminal of combat equipment: 30 coupons are required. Each box from the terminal may contain modified weapons, heavy firearms, transport parts, military equipment of high rank, coloring, rare resources or gasoline.

Passage of the lower floor 2

On this floor, you are waiting for 2 turrets, 3 zones with gore, a gas leak from a pipe that can be turned off, a laser trap and two controllable doors.

Map of the ground floor 2 in the bunker Alpha

Passage of the lower floor 3

Here you are waiting for 3 turrets, a zone with caked blood, a gas leak from the pipes, a laser trap that can be disconnected in the terminal, a generator and a gas chamber. In addition, on the table in one of the last rooms is a drawing of an acid bath.

Generator: Generator repair requires the items listed below. Once the generator repair is complete, you can drop to the second floor.

  • 15 Insulating tape
  • 10 Rubber parts
  • 12 Electrical Wires

Map of the ground floor 3 in the bunker Alpha

Tips for passing the bunker Alpha:

  • After death, loot does not drop out of enemies, except for turrets. Of these, bolts, rubber parts, ball bearings, transistors or wires may fall out.
  • When you do not need to run, take off your shoes. They do not give additional protection, but they wear out the rest of the armor. Better save them.
  • You can destroy the turret with M16 or AK-47.
  • Sticky floors with gore do not affect zombies.
  • Not all Furious Giants move at the same speed. The last 2-3 will be faster, but still slower than your speed.
  • You do not need to kill all the zombies in the bunker or go into each room.
  • Always leave the zone if you want to keep weapons, first aid kits, and armor.
  • Use the weapon only.
  • If you die, you can pick up your loot, but only once. At the next death, the previous corpse will be unavailable.
  • Use lockers to leave excess items.
  • Gas and turrets do not do zombie damage.
  • Use shoes during the gas room. SWAT boots are the best.

13 Replies to “Alpha Bunker in Last Day on Earth – tips and secrets on passing”

  1. Rojal Stha

    I can’t find bunker alfa CAC card A.
    Evertime i search in the dead corpse located near the bunker alfa gate i find a gun instead of CAC Card A. How is this happening? What is the solution to it?

    1. Hi

      the game has been updated. You cant find them on zombies in yellow and red zones, they are not that hard to find

    1. Jerri

      He goes to a room located on the 2nd floor right near the entrance, he unlocks 2 rooms you couldn’t get to before. It’s literally the first room after the corridor by the very first elevator, on the right.

  2. JovanPart

    There is a zombie that was glowing green and after killing it I got the card I guess now you have to kill random zombies and the card will pop up

  3. Wendy

    I have a question…my bunker Alpha is basically the same except the 2 and 3 floors don’t have one or two things of loot on each floor and in the lobby I have already met the man on the third floor and let him out and now he is in the room where it says you need the overseer key and you trade him and you can make the bunker harder to get the things he needs and a section to upgrade weapons. I’ve still not been able to do ANYTHING with recharging the generator and I don’t get any chance to repair it… It just keeps saying it will take time to restore electricity supply to lower floors….then you can use elevator…..WHAT THE HECK….????? Help please ????

  4. PJ

    Yea I’ve been laying for bout a week now and I have witnessed the same thing you have Wendy. I need some type of overseer key to open the door. Im trying to get to the end of the bunker but I have no assault rifles at the moment. I guess we might have to wait for the next update for the errors to be corrected

  5. Christopher rogers

    I cant seem to find the generator room on floor 2. What am I missing??

  6. Clive

    How do you get power to the elevator to move floors as my alfa bunker keeps saying I need to get more power but the level is completely free an nothing to get power advice anyone

  7. RandomGamerMVYT

    Is there a way for me to get to that Big One on 2:14 (in the video)? It seems like there’s something behind that door.


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