By | September 6, 2017


We have another good news for you. Today we will learn how to get new resources, as well as kill zombies – and all this will do quickly and easily with the help of one bug that is present in the game Last Day on Earth. This bug was seen and presented on one of the streams.

Well, now about the bug. Our character is completely naked, but we have 7 large first-aid kits that can restore our health. Also, we have a homemade, the simplest bit, which is done at the very beginning when crafting, and a very good weapon that we will need – a machete. Before the start, do not forget to wash yourself so that zombies do not notice you. Finally, you can start a long journey in the game of survival.

To work this bug, you need a good weapon, such as a machete or sledgehammer. How does the bug work? You have a kick button and a lower-left corner of the auto-action. If you alternately press these two buttons, the number of strokes will increase. That is, with each hit your character will have time to swing another and the second blow. For a zombie, such a combination of blows is very, very deplorable.

For example, if you simply use a blow, the enemy will be able to inflict 7-8 hits on you, and only then you will destroy it, but if you use this bug and strike alternately, then the opponent will deal with you only 2 hits. As you can see the result Zombies with 300 HP can be destroyed with just a few strokes using a machete, and this is despite the fact that it will deal 1-2 blows to you.

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