Month: August 2017

Last Day on Earth: update (video)

Today, August 20, released a new update for the exciting game of survival Last Day on Earth. The current version of the game for today You can download it here. What’s new in version

Last Day on Earth 1.5.4 Update

Updates Last Day on Earth 1.5.4 came out on August 12 and has brought us a lot of interesting possibilities ranging from new weapons and ending with the opening of the second floor of the bunker “Alfa”. A full list of new…Read More »

Last Day on Earth update 1.5.3

Friends! Today, a new update is available for Last Day on Earth, an update under version 1.5.3. What exactly has changed and what innovations have been adopted – we will report in this article. Last Day on Earth 1.5.3 As you know, the…Read More »